UL Verified Mark proves its worth for consumer tech products

The UL Verified Mark is based on more than a century of knowledge of thousands of products, processes and systems. Our independent assessment process scrutinizes the validity of specific advertising or promotional statements, giving consumer technology manufacturers a way to separate verified fact from fiction.

The mark may be printed directly on a product, label or package, adding instant value by providing competitive product differentiation while instilling a greater sense of confidence in the marketing claim. In addition, the claim can help to boost brand’s reputation and shows that the manufacturer cares about delivering quality to their customers.

Since the launch of the UL Verified Mark, numerous high-tech products have already been evaluated, including:

  • LG Monitor – evaluated for UltraHD 4K Monitor with IPS technology
  • LG Smart TV – evaluated for LG webOSTV Smart Home ready
  • Samsung Notebook with 86-key keyboard – evaluated for ergonomically designed keyboard
  • Samsung Monitor – evaluated for wide color gamut curved monitor with 1800R curvature
  • Philips Field Programmable LED Driver – evaluated for programmable driver for TLED lamps using Philips SimpleSet mobile App
  • Disano Illuminazione Spa LED Luminare – evaluated for low optical flicker less than 1%
  • Disano Illuminazione Spa Streetlight Luminare – evaluated for low optical flicker less than 3%
  • Lenovo Desktop PC – evaluated for anti-dust protection: level 1

Overall, the UL Verified Mark helps manufacturers to sell their products and achieve a good return on their investment.

Read more about the UL Verified Mark at verify.UL.com

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