Jun 20, 2016

UL subsidiary Futuremark puts storage performance to the test

Is slow storage the weak link in your Android device? One of the most overlooked measures of smartphone and tablet performance is the speed of the storage. No matter how fast the processor, when the storage is too slow, you get a lagging, stuttering experience.

UL subsidiary Futuremark has now created a new, dedicated benchmark test for measuring and comparing the storage performance of Android devices.

The PCMark for Android Storage Test measures performance in three key areas:

  • Internal storage performance which most commonly impacts the start-up time and smooth running of your apps.
  • External storage performance which most commonly affects your experience when loading and viewing media files.
  • And database performance which determines how quickly your device can read, update, insert, and delete database records.

You get detailed results for each part of the test as well as an overall score that you can use to compare devices.

With PCMark for Android, you can also measure the performance and battery life of your devices with tests based on everyday tasks such as browsing the web, watching videos, working with documents, and editing photos.

PCMark for Android is available now from Google Play.

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