Korea Consumer Technologies team launches a UL Verified Mark for LG Electronics

The Korean Consumer Technologies team has successfully launched another UL Verified Mark – this time for LG Electronics. UL recently verified features of the Ultra HD 4K Monitor with IPS technology from LG Electronics using the latest, state-of-the-art testing methods.

UL employs testing, product analysis, demonstration and process analysis verification techniques to verify manufacturer claims. The Ultra HD 4K Monitor successfully satisfied parameters set for ultra HD 4K (3840X2160 pixels). Testing validated more than 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum and the accuracy of color gamma and gray scale. The wide color gamut gives larger color space to show more area of color than other displays. A resolution of 4K reveals more details than HD or FHD monitors.

In addition, the sample submitted for testing was compliant with the following applied standards/regulations: IDMS 5.16, 5.18, 6.1, 6.8, 6.11, 6.15, 8.1, 9.6, 13.1.1, ISO 9241-307, Macbeth Checker.

LG Electronics plans to market the monitor to professional photographers, graphic designers and consumers looking for highly-accurate promoting attributes, including clarity, Ultra HD resolution and over 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum.

Read more about the UL Verified Mark for Ultra HD 4K Monitor by LG Electronics here

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